Saw a good, easy to understand definition of a Last Will and Testament that I thought you might find useful.

Will = “Note”

Think about when you hired a baby sitter to come into your home and take care of your two most precious possessions, your kids and your house. What did you leave for the sitter? A note, which told where you would be. “The lady two doors down has a car and will help out if you have any problems. There is twenty dollars in the cupboard for the cleaners and the newspaper kid who come on Saturday. My mother lives fifteen minutes away but in an emergency, she can be here in five.”

What is the difference between that note and a lawyer’s official document, which says the same thing? Where will you be? Dead. You name the neighbour two doors down as the executor to take care of things. You left all your money in a trust or in a bank to take care of all the future cleaners, newspaper kids, dentists, grocers, colleges and other forms of health, education, welfare maintenance and support. And, you name your mother or mother-in-law as the guardian of the children.

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