I recently saw these statistics posted in a fellow insurance brokers office, thought it was pretty interesting as many people would never think of not insuring their house or car but don’t realize how much future asset their life, work or ability to work is for their family. Thought it would be interesting to see some statistics on various life events.

1 in 2,766 houses will burn down.

Car Insurance
1 in 1,683 cars crash.

Life Insurance
1 in 146 people will die before the age of 65.

Disability Insurance
1 in 14 will have a disability of more than 3 months.

Critical Illness
1 in 3 will have a heart attack, stroke or cancer before age 65.

Would you own a house without fire insurance on it or drive a car without car insurance?
How about protecting your family, your income or your health?

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