Interested in a guaranteed 3% on RRSP & TFSA deposits?

Interested in earning a high guaranteed interest of 3% on your RRSP & TFSA deposits? I can set up new accounts with 3% interest until the end of May with Manulife Bank. Just contact me for more details. Funds have to be deposited by March 15, 2016. You have easy access to your cash. No Transfer out […]

What do you insure?

I recently saw these statistics posted in a fellow insurance brokers office, thought it was pretty interesting as many people would never think of not insuring their house or car but don’t realize how much future asset their life, work or ability to work is for their family. Thought it would be interesting to see […]

Do you have a current will?

“Do you have a current will?” This is a question that I normally ask when helping someone plan for their family. Perhaps it should be followed up with “When was it last updated?” If you die without a proper, valid will, your relatives may be overwhelmed by complicated paperwork and expensive legal issues. This all […]

Childhood ADD/ADHD and insurance

Was asked today by a parent that was wondering what the insurance outlook for their kids who had an ADD/ADHD diagnosis. This type of question seems to come up entirely too often as an insurance agents with new clients that contact us. Ok maybe not a specific question about ADHD but it is typically people […]

Group Insurance

Are you looking for Group Benefits for your family and employees? Would you like a knowledgeable broker to shop around to the insurance companies to find the best fit? Are you sure you are paying the right premium for the coverage you have? Call Aaron at 250-483-3633 or leave a comment below. What is Group […]