Interested in earning a high guaranteed interest of 3% on your RRSP & TFSA deposits? I can set up new accounts with 3% interest until the end of May with Manulife Bank. Just contact me for more details. Funds have to be deposited by March 15, 2016. You have easy access to your cash. No Transfer out fee. When the promotion is complete, I can assist you transf3-percenterring your money into another investment or we can leave it in a guaranteed investment currently earning 1% without locking your money in for any amount of time!

Call me today at 250-589-5633 to learn more!

2 thoughts on “Interested in a guaranteed 3% on RRSP & TFSA deposits?

  1. If I deposited 40,000.00 into a Manulife Bank TFSA no later than March 10, 2016 and when the 3% offer expired on May 31, 2016 withdrew the full 40 thousand would I receive 266.67 or would there be any sort of expense or deduction?

    1. Hi Mike, the investment is simply a daily investment account with the investment paid monthly. As soon as the funds are transferred to Manulife you are earning interest. There are no fee, expense or deduction charged by Manulife when the funds are transferred out.

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