Welcome to the Wealth Designers blog.  Just finished installing WordPress and now for my first blog article.

So who is Aaron Taylor?  I am married over 11 years to my lovely wife and have four daughters ranging from new born to nine.  Very exciting having a little one in the house again but just means I’m not getting quite enough sleep.  Now I understand why parents go to bed at 8pm at the same time their kids do 🙂

I have an Electrical Engineering Degree from UVIC from 1998.  Worked a few years in the trade but found out that I really wanted to work with people and finances and have been working in the financial field since 2004.  Actually incorporated in 2005 and after leaving my engineering job behind went full time 2005.

I work with the complete realm of insurance products from personal life insurance and living benefits to group business insurance and group investment plans.  I do work in personal investments, TFSA, RSP and RESPs as well.  I really enjoy working with the small business owner as well as the young family as I am both a business owner and have a young family, I really have studied on how to help these people get ahead.

Some of my clients have benefited from back to back annuities and estate planning tools and systems that I bring to the table.  This type of tax minimization planning and personal pension planning is an important part of my designing your wealth both to last throughout your lifetime and pass easily, privatly and probate/tax free to the next generation.

Enough of that, I’ll be discussing these topics and more on future blogs.  If you have happened to read this far and you have some questions or topics you would liked to have answered on future blog posts, please feel free to email me or leave your comments below.

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